Leap is a different kind of interior design company.

We don't just design beautiful residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. For us, the more important element of our job lies in the realm of things less tangible than rooms.

We design lifestyles. We orchestrate experiences. We set the stage where life unfolds.

Leap is part of the new generation of luxury design. We believe this means creating designs that are inspired, informed and conscientious.

What else does Leap believe? We believe that the design process should be enjoyable. That our job is not to impose a style upon you, but to help you find and cultivate your own personal aesthetic that can evolve and adapt over time. We believe that luxury and sustainability can co-exist. We believe in work boots we wear them proudly. Finally, we believe in a client-centered design approach. And the long-standing relationships that result from it are, by far, the most rewarding part of what we do.

Leap Interior Design - Denver
T: 720.480.5811

Leap Interior Design - San Francisco
T: 415.830.7460

Mailing Address
836 East 17th Ave., Suite 2b, Denver, CO 80218


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